Taking inspiration from science fiction spaces and the natural sublime, Sherrie-Leigh Jones’ original prints are like half-remembered dream-scapes. An amalgamation of the real and the imagined, they shimmer sleepily out of their frames, reminding  you of somewhere you have never been. Jones reconstructs landscapes through collage, painting, and innovative printmaking techniques. Some of the landscapes she repurposes are found images, and some she has directly experienced through travel, being especially captivated by sublime natural features: mountain ranges, dense forests, snow-scapes, and abandoned vistas. By splicing up found landscapes and connecting them incongruously, Jones creates an other-worldly feel. She often cuts the landscapes into interesting geometric shapes, creating framing devices that contribute to a celestial resonance, slicing off the edges of images to allow the viewer to question what lies beyond. The landscapes are often figured in washed-out neutrals with a matte waft of clouds, smoke, or mist gliding over the top; glowing moons peering behind foliage or fog, smooth edges contrasted with textured surfaces. You feel as if you have emerged from a forest, stumbling upon an untouched new-world. 

Kate Reeve-Edwards, Cultural Capital Arts
Artist Support Pledge 'Who I've been loving' featured artist, Cultural Capital Arts Newsletter June 2020

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